LoboDemon – A screen name that I chose while setting up my Xbox Live gamer profile. It was unique enough and has seemed to stick. Reasoning behind it, ‘Lobo’ is my surname, and Demon because – well, why not?

I’ve been watching Anime for quite a few years. It started off with Pokemon, as it was a nation wide craze with the tv show, cards and games. It then moved on to Dragonball Z as I got a bit older. That was when I really got into drawing.

I’ve always been a big video game fan. I remember spending hours on our old Amiga, playing Lotus and q-bix. The PSX was a huge excitement all those years ago, playing Tekken 2, Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy 7. From then on, I got my hands on an N64, playing Zelda, Goldeneye, Gauntlet Legends, Mario Kart.. A Dreamcast with DOA2, Phantasy Star Online, Samba De Amigo, Jet set Radio, Chu Chu rocket.. The gamecube also fits in this story somewhere too. I’ve always held onto my consoles, never traded them in or sold them. So the front room now looks a little like a museum.

Anime, Manga and Japanese culture is very high up on my list of interests. I’ve collected many anime figures over the years, far to many to attempt to count. When I was living with my parents, my shelves were packed solid with figures (which looked rather impressive) due restricted space. Now that I have moved out and am now living with my wife, we have the entire house to spread the figures out.

Unrelated to Japanese culture, music is a big part of my life. I started playing the guitar when I was very young, having evening lessons in my first school. After that, it was pretty much pretending I was I rock star, whilst playing with my Mum’s Spanish guitar. Early 2003, I got my first Bass guitar and joined a band and I’ve been part of a couple of other bands since then too.

Professionally, I’ve been a full-time web developer since October 2007 mainly working in PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML & CSS, JQuery and AJAX.

When the site first started in 2010, it was originally hand coded as a bit of an exercise to teach myself PHP. But as of Autumn 2014, I’ve moved it all over to a proper blogging platform. The tech savvy among you will probably be able to work out which one. ;)