EGX Rezzed 2017

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Little bit late with this post, but hey. The weekend before last it was that time of year for another round of the Eurogamer Expo held at the Tobacco Dock in London. I had a great time last year, so quickly grabbed a ticket for this year as soon as I saw them go on sale.

My initial impression was that things didn’t seem as big this year and that there was a little more empty space, but there was still a decent offering of new games and talks to keep me occupied throughout the day.

After a bit of a nose around the various booths, I headed to a Rezzed Session talk with John Linneman and ex-Sega Saturn Magazine editor Rich Leadbetter who spoke about the era of Playstation vs Saturn. It was a really nice format, almost like a mini podcast where the two guys just recounted a few stories from the industry.

Following that was a talk from John Watson about the development process of the Banner Saga series and the journey the company took during that time. It was a very interesting to hear a very honest story of the ups and downs of an indie studio.

Walking around the floor it was good to see Introversion Software back showing off their upcoming game Scanner Sombre, Nintendo had a good area for the Switch with a variety of games, Sega had Sonic Mania and Dawn of War III. Xbox had their Indie Dev section and it was good to see the charity Special Effect having a good presence this year again as well.

To finish off the day, I sat in on a couple of the developer sessions – Firstly the Yooka-Laylee talk where the developers talked about the development process while also providing a live gameplay demo. It was all wrapped up with a surprise video of a Yooka-Laylee version of the infamous DK Rap, which was pretty funny.

The other I saw was The Halo Wars 2 talk where Cassie Morgan and Dan Brewer from Creative Assembly spoke about the process they went through to make the game accessible for both RTS veterans as well as newcomers to the series and/or genre.


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