Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker takes place in Central America 1974, ten years on from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. The main story follows Snake and his team of mercenaries know as the Militaires Sans Frontières (MSF) as they pursue an unknown group who are equipped with high-tech mecha called Peace Sentinels.


I am very pleased with the overall gameplay feel and control system in the game. I was not fond of the control systems in the previous Metal Gear Solid titles on the PSP, so I was glad that Peace Walker felt more like the console versions of the game.


There are many ‘side quests’ in addition to the main missions. The first of which is Extra ops. These are additional missions that are carried out in a similar way to the main missions. Another is the ability to build your very own Metal Gear unit. When fighting mecha boss battles, depending on what parts you destroy, you can salvage different parts at the end of the fight to build your very own metal gear.

As the game revolves around Snake and his team of mercenaries, a big part is recruitment and management of staff. Recruitment is carried out with guerrilla tactics where you have to knock out enemies during missions and use the ‘Fulton Recovery System’ to attach balloons to them and float them up to an awaiting chopper. Recruits will need assigning to different departments in the motherbase. Staff can be assigned to the Combat Team, R&D, Mess Hall, Sick bay or Intel. As your team grows, the more staff you will need to assign to the Mess hall in order to provide enough food for everyone. The bigger your R&D team, the faster you will develop new weapons and equipment.

Finally, you can send groups from your Combat Team out on Outer Ops. These take place while you are doing Main or Extra ops. When you return from your mission, you can view report as to how your team got on. Some members may be lost in battle, some may be injured and taken to sickbay where they will be out of commission for a certain amount of time, but more often, your team will win and gain experience and become stronger.


At this point, the game seems huge as I have been playing for 12 hours and am only 20% into the game. That may look like I’m playing through rather slowly, but when it comes to Metal Gear Solid games, that is defiantly not the case with me.

Whilst poking around in the Options and Special features menus, I came across a ‘Vocaloid Editor’. I am not at a stage yet that allows me to access this, but I am rather curious what lies within..

Peace walker gives you the option to take missions cooperatively over wi-fi. This does sound like a good idea, but the one problem I have found is that is is extremely difficult to find other players who are looking to play the same mission as you are. Overall, Peace Walker looks very promising, and I am looking forward to finding out how the story will unfold. This game is a must have for all MGS fans.


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