Rogue One is basically Halo Reach

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Last month I went to see Star Wars: Rogue One, and really enjoyed it. But the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I find similarities to Halo Reach.

The most obvious connection is that both are prequels to well known stories, so we know how the installment is going to end. The way in which the prequel feeds into the next part is also very similar – In Halo Reach, the very last line of dialogue is the first line of Combat Evolved and A New Hope could easily be the very next scene after the end of Rogue One.


Both stories are Delivery quests, both trying to get said delivery item off planet before the bad guys stop them and they both result in the delivery party sacrificing their lives in order to complete the mission.

Baze with his big gun is basically Jorge, Cassian is obviously Kat because of the accent, Jyn is Noble 6 as the most outsider of the group, Chirrut is Jun because Asian, right? And K-2SO can be Emile because I’ve run out of tenuous links..

Also there is space..


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