Telltale Games – First Impressions

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Last month with Xbox Live’s Games with Gold program, I downloaded the first episode of the Batman Telltale game.

Batman: The Telltale Series is the first episodic graphic adventure video game style Telltale game that I’ve played – Tales of Monkey Island was the only other game I’ve played by them, but I think that had a bit of a different feel.


Ignoring the framerate issues, I really like the look of the game itself. The cell shaded style lends itself really well to the comic book universe.

That being said, I found the actual gameplay quite jarring. The slow paced, story heavy approach makes me want to put down my controller and just sit back and watch as I would for a cutscene in any other game. The problem then arises when you then get a button prompt from a quicktime event, or have to quickly make a time sensitive response that ‘jars’ me out of the sit back and relax feeling I seem to slip into between prompts.

With the cutscene feeling, it’s feels like a time to do a bit of multi-tasking, like grab a drink or have a quick Twitter check, but when you’re halfway through a cherry flavoured sip and suddenly get a frantic prompt to punch Catwoman in the face, it’s a less than ideal situation.


It’s probably just because I’m new to this type of gameplay and would get used it it after a bit more expose to it, but I just felt that it was an interesting first impression that the play style had for me.

I want to like the game, as I like the universe, characters and art style, so I’ll probably stick with it for a little bit longer and see how it goes!


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