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Super Sonico Sweets & Bikini ver.

Tue 15 Apr 2014  

I recently recieved my pre-ordered Super Sonico Bikini & Sweets figure!

Tokyo Trip - Disney Sea

Wed 31 Oct 2012   (1)

We hopped onto the train this morning and headed to Tokyo Disney Sea, the themed park next to Disneyland itself.

Warhammer World

Fri 27 Jul 2012  

Last weekend we went on a road trip to visit the Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham, Warhammer World.

Since you've been gone...

Sat 14 Apr 2012  

So, it's been a while since my last post. But fear not, I am still alive! This is what I've been up to..

Hatsune Miku - Figure Kit

Thu 15 Dec 2011  

I have recently finished a figure kit of Hatsune Miku in a rather fetching mizugi.

Artist Spot: Shunya Yamashita

Thu 3 Nov 2011  

Yamashita is one of my favourite artists. I have been slowly building up a collection over the past few years.

Yoko Figure Kit - Shunya Yamashita

Fri 19 Aug 2011  

After a long time in the works, my Shunya Yamashita Yoko figure kit is finally finished.

Otaku Leak: Home Life

Fri 8 Apr 2011   (2)

This edition of OL is about how otaku has made it's way into my home life. Photos taken over the past year.

Yoko Figure Kit

Sun 9 May 2010   (2)

After so long collecting figures, I wanted to build some of my own. I've been building kits for almost a year and a half. is a place where I can share my love of Japanese "otaku" (geek) culture with the rest of the internet - reviewing games, manga, anime and some of the latest technology including cool new hardware and mobile apps and blogging about living an "otaku" lifestyle outside of Japan, from my base about 40 miles Northwest of London. More...

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