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Posted Fri 27 Jul 2012 in General by LoboDemon

Last weekend we went on a road trip to visit the Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham, Warhammer World. There was a two day event taking place called Throne of Skulls, where competitors took part in one on one battles in the large gaming hall, hot meals provided and a pub quiz. We didn't take part, just had a wander around and spectated a little.

On the way in, there are a few life sized figures and a full sized Rhino tank which made for some interesting photo opportunities.

The main room is the gaming hall, with an impressive collection of gaming tables. Just off from the main hall there is the the shop itself. There are some nice models on display and a good selection of gaming/painting tables. The shop is well stocked, as you would expect from the company HQ, but you can also order in same day delivery for online only items. They also stock Forge World items to buy over the counter, which again are usually online only items.

The Mrs. took along some of her models to get some advice from the staff there. They were very friendly and helpful, which led to us making several trips back there over the course of the day.

I bought a Death Guard Terminator conversion kit, and the Mrs. bought an Eldar Wraithseer and 3 Wraithguards. All of these are online only models, and we got to walk out at the end of the day with them in our bags.

Just on from the gaming hall, there is Bugman's Bar, which is a fully licensed bar that also sells a good selection of food, which makes it possible to spend a whole day there without ever needing to leave!

On the upper floor, there is a decent sized museum, with a very nice selection of professionally painted miniatures and diorama. There is also a nice collection of the original artwork that appears in various Games Workshop publications. Also on display, there is a set of the previous edition rule books and also a few old 'antique' miniatures.

I highly reccomend a day out to Warhammer World, as soon as we got home, we wanted to go back. Next time we go, we hope to take part in one of the events. More info can be found on the GW website. Plus, general admission is free!


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