Tokyo Trip - Disney Sea

Posted Wed 31 Oct 2012 in General by LoboDemon

We hopped onto the train this morning and headed to Tokyo Disney Sea, the themed park next to Disneyland itself. Quite easy to get to and reasonably priced, it was a very good day out.

We arrived just in time to see the first showing of the Halloween parade, which was a masquerade themed dance. Following that, we headed to the Tower of Terror, which is part ghost house tour and part drop tower.

After the Tower of Terror, we headed into Toysville, which is a Toy Story themed section of the park. In here we went on Toy Story Mania, which is a ride that takes you through various CG carnival rides that require you to wear 3D glasses to play. Probably my favourite part of the day!

Throughout the day, we went on all the big rides in the park, including the Indiana Jones Adventure ride and StormRider - A VR sci-fi storm simulator.

For dinner we headed to Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen and had seafood pizza. In the evening before leaving, we caught the water and firework shows.

And before returning to our hotel, we squeezed in another purikura session!


Mon 15 Apr 2013
Magical place... <3
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